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Waiting list and reservation of kittens

I do not operate with a strict waiting list, but I do keep a close eye at whom have contacted me and what, if any, specific wishes they have for a future kitten. I do respect that you want a say red male, however if the red males does not like you, it is the kitten and your special connection that is most important to me. I wanted a black smoke for my first male, but the two black smokes breeder I went to had available did not want me. I came home with a creme boy, he picked me and I feel instantly in love with him and here 5 years later, he, Theodor, is still the best cat ever. Just asking to please be open to the personality of the kitten and second to a specific color or pattern.

Those who contact me will be invited to come visit the kittens before they get available to the general public.

I’m well aware that most will be looking with other breeders as well and that is very fine with me, please keep doing that. However I kindly ask you to write and let me know you found your heart-kitten, I want that to keep the interest list as up to date as possible.

Use only e-mail to contact me. Messenger and text messages will not be answered.

To get on the contact list please send a short email to info@chicha.dk which include a brief description of you, your family and your home. I would also like to know why you want a Maine Coon as well as how many cats and other pets there are in the home. I would also like to know your preferences to the activity level of the cat, do you like a lazy sofa-lion or are you more inclined to an active and rambunctious type. Please add anything else you find important for me to make the best possible match for the coming litters.

Feel free to become a member of my Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/487837005029456/

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